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13 April 2015 Written by 

New Read First, Then Pay What You Want eBookstore prepares to launch at London Book Fair 2015

For the first time ever, a groundbreaking new Independent eBookstore is preparing to launch at next week's London Book Fair 2015, setting a new precedent with its reader-determined pricing model that offers unlimited copying and sharing, alongside higher levels of compensation for authors.

Authors are increasingly seeing the benefits of taking their books to market directly. You only have to read recent stories such as 62 year-old Sheila Rodgers, who has sold 1 million copies of her self-published crime novel making her one of the UK's most successful self-published authors, according to The Sunday Times. But despite these unusual streaks of success, many writers still struggle to get the exposure and reach needed to reap the rewards of their creative efforts.

That's why an exciting new start-up company based in Poland has taken the eBooks' world by storm as it gears up to unveil its game-changing platform during the London Book Fair, promising to change distribution models and put purchasing power directly into the hands of booklovers.

OpenBooks.com is the first online book retailer to operate its unique and exceptional 'Read First, Then Pay What You Want' model, whereby readers can download an eBook for free in EPUB, MOBI or PDF, read it, share it with their friends and decide if and how much they want to pay based on what they feel the book is worth.

The majority of the payment received for a book via the OpenBooks.com platform goes directly to the authors (70% from net revenue sales) and they also maintain all rights to their content. The platform also actively encourages unlimited sharing and copying of eBooks files which, despite popular belief, actually provides a multitude of benefits for the authors in terms of exposure and reach. Through an embedded payment link within the eBook, anyone who receives a copy of the book can easily make a payment when they decide to support the author. This provides writers with the ability to make substantial extra revenues from their books.

Having been operating in BETA mode since January, the site currently holds over 200 titles, covering fiction, non-fiction and self-help and has focused heavily on user engagement and feedback to shape the offering ready for its official launch on 14th April 2015. The site now includes pick of the week - eBooks cherry picked by the team, bestseller and top contributed book lists, as well as community content such as user reviews and book discussion threads. With over 6,000 downloads to date, it is clear that booklovers across the globe are embracing the OpenBooks.com 'Read, Love, Share' concept.

Founder Michal Kicinski explains: "By providing an open and limitless copying/sharing policy and a value-based pricing model, OpenBooks.com offers booklovers the freedom to discover great new reads without having to commit any money upfront. As a booklover myself, I've often wanted to recommend books to friends, but until now you could only send a link to purchase the book. The OpenBooks.com lets you directly share the books you love easily and quickly, whilst also supporting the authors too. Some call it progress, but I actually think it's a regress. It's a back to basics approach that utilises modern technology to reignite a passion for reading that's been overshadowed by large corporate publishing machines that simply don't put the interests of readers or authors first."

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