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16 November 2016

Allen & York Launch A&Y Network

ALLEN & YORK are delighted to launch the A&Y Network a new platform for sustainability professionals to share their knowledge, insights and opinions.

Every day we read something new in the media about the environment, climate change and energy solutions, but wouldn't it be great to hear the news straight from the professionals themselves?

Now you can!

Those people who are living and breathing sustainability, are the ones who can really add depth and reality to a topic, to enable us to better understand what's actually happening on the ground.

We launch the A&Y Network with two guest writers; Karla Sifontes, an entrepreneur and environmental engineer passionate about new technologies & promoting environmental awareness and Lydia Guda, author and creator of Ecolife254 an environmental blog focused on environmental awareness, promotion of clean and green practices and promotion of sustainable living.

We'd like to thank Karla and Lydia for being our first (of many) contributors and starting us off with two great, thought provoking blogs;

Modern Women's Role In Shaping Today's Sustainable Society, by Karla Sifontes, which asks; if 42% of women working as a part-time and just 13% of men, is this sustainable?

Socio-Economic Impacts Of Charcoal Business, by Lydia Guda, which explores the charcoal business and its effect on our ecosystem.

We are commitment to promote discussion across the sustainability sector and if you would like to contribute to the A&Y Network, we'd love to hear from you.

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