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03 May 2017

Anne Main MP visits local company with global appeal

Anne Main MP visited BRE [Building Research Establishment] on Friday 28th April to see first-hand the flood resilience and resistance measures being developed for houses in areas prone to flooding.

BRE have been working with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to develop the technology needed to help create flood resilient and resistant homes.

The St Albans MP said, 'BRE is a jewel in the Hertfordshire crown. It's excellent to see the great work they are doing that will help so many people in my constituency and across the country who live with the threat of flooding in their area.

'I hope that with innovation working with insurance we will see much more workable solutions to problems some homes face in insuring their properties. The measures BRE has developed will go a long way to protect those who live in areas where flooding remains a concern.

'Every time I visit BRE am always impressed by the innovative work that they do, and the essential job they do in maintaining high sustainability standards. Having a reputable and respected company with a global appeal on our doorstep shows our strength as a local economy.'

BRE are a multi-disciplinary team, which includes leading experts in virtually every element of the built environment. They operate internationally, with offices, representatives and partners around the globe. They are headquartered in the St Albans constituency and have offices in Scotland and Wales.

'The key for us is having products that have universal market appeal because they help those working in the built environment deliver homes, buildings, infrastructure, communities and cities that are excellent', BRE says.

'We are actively extending our research partnerships in China, the US, Brazil and the Middle East and will continue to find ways to partner with our European contemporaries to share learning together.'

'Wherever these BRE standards are being deployed UK engineers, consultants and construction professionals are in better shape than their international competition to export their services, bringing wealth into our country.'

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