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08 September 2017

Parmilla Minhas launches The HR Dept Watford and Chorleywood

She's hit the career goals she set herself in corporate life and now HR professional Parmilla Minhas is ready for her next life challenge – running her own business.

A 15-year career in HR has taken her through the offices of major corporates including two of the big three on her professional to-do list, namely Clifford Chance and Barclays Investment Bank, with only Google missing out on the opportunity to employ her.

Now Mrs Minhas has launched her own business and set up The HR Dept Watford and Chorleywood, providing high-quality and affordable outsourced HR advice and support for SMEs in the area.

Mrs Minhas, who is 37, is confident that her previous experience in HR from various industries can be applied to many news business sectors and she is looking forward to making new connections within the local business community.

"I'd been working in big offices for many years," she said, "and had come to realise that the horrendous commute into Canary Wharf wasn't something I wanted to do any more.

"I wasn't really sure where to start when I was looking to set up my own business. Then I heard about The HR Dept and I quickly realised that it ticks all the boxes for me.

"It's the best of both worlds – an opportunity to be self-employed with the backing of an established company and the support of a great network of other HR professionals if I need extra advice.

"I've always wanted to set up my own business and, while I'm realistic and realise it's a learning curve for me, this is a great opportunity to provide much-needed HR advice and support to SMEs who are facing rapidly-evolving legislative requirements.

"My plan is to be able to provide HR services to the SME market regardless of the industry – people are people with their own individual quirks, no matter what the sector."

The HR Dept is a national business, with a network of over 65 franchisees providing HR services in 90 territories in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

"I'm feeling really positive about the potential for the business," she said. "Eventually I want to be the go-to person for HR advice and support in my territory and beyond, as long as I'm not encroaching upon the territories of other licensees.

"By the end of year two I'll be looking to take on staff, move into larger offices and eventually find new areas in which to operate. Those are my next goals and I'm determined to achieve them."

The HR Dept's managing director Gemma Tumelty said: "We are delighted to see someone of Parmilla's quality and experience setting up The HR Dept Watford and Chorleywood. We wish her all the best running the licence in her new territory and have great confidence that the new business will be a huge success."

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