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Hemel Hempstead business park carves the way with work life balance Featured
29 October 2018

Hemel Hempstead business park carves the way with work life balance

A Hemel Hempstead business park has instigated a campaign to help all employees achieve a better work life balance. Kick-started last week, Breakspear Park gave away 300 pumpkins to staff to help them get into the Halloween spirit and save them an extra trip to the supermarket.

The initiative, entitled 'Park Life', was formed after consulting with the 1,000+ existing employees at Breakspear Park to understand what they wanted. The results indicated that a focus should be made on the importance of the health and mental wellbeing of all employees, and has been developed to offer and encourage people to experience a range of events to help lower stress rates and enhance happiness, and simply make lives easier.

Park Life showcases Breakspear Park as the ultimate place to work and upcoming events include complimentary massages, health screening tests and a car valeting service, inspirational guest speakers, a Christmas gift fair and forthcoming 30th birthday celebrations for the development – to name but a few.

Dina Mistry, Marketing Manager of Breakspear Park, commented: "Being more mindful and considerate about what is significant to the employees that work at the business park is very important to us. With the majority of many people's days being spent at work, it is vital that we help support them in ways outside of the traditional pension scheme and holiday entitlement.

"We are wanting to lead the way in Hemel Hempstead and champion how to truly reward members of staff. We actively encourage other companies to follow suit and offer their teams privileges that go above and beyond expectations. By offering people extras in the office environment that they would usually attempt to do outside of work, we'll help create a happy workplace setting and offer people true downtime when they are home."

For more information on Breakspear Park and the extensive facilities it offers, please visit www.breakspearpark.com.

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