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Breakspear Park under construction and after Breakspear Park under construction and after
05 December 2018 Written by 

Breakspear Park Celebrates 30th Birthday

Breakspear Park, the home of many thriving businesses in Hemel Hempstead, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Originally, Breakspear Park was designed and built for BP Oil UK, however, today 14 companies utilise the modern office complex.

Conception began in 1984, when BP's existing offices in Central London and in Hemel Hempstead could not cope with the new demands of technology and organisational change. It was decided to start afresh, on a greenfield site on the entrance of Hemel Hempstead along Breakspear Way – the main link between Hemel Hempstead and the M1, as well as being convenient for the M25 and the A414, Luton Airport, Heathrow and Gatwick.

The plot was originally earmarked as a heliport, however, following two and half years of buildin}- and with planning taking just as long! - BP House was born.

The design was to be reminiscent of an English country house, a relatively low building, but one with dignity and solidity. A construction that would sit well in 16-acres of undulating countryside without being too imposing.

By December 1986, all the beams were in place and tests to check that the centre was waterproof could begin. Six million gallons of water were flooded onto the roof, testing its layers of special rubber and clay waterproofing to the full.

BP House became the company's headquarters housing 1,350 staff, over 50,000 square metres of floor space, on four floors. Although largely open plan, BP House had 105 individual offices, 55 meeting rooms, and a board room.

Today, Breakspear Park has been exceptionally refurbished and redesigned for modern businesses. The stunning atrium reception is still a main feature of the building but it now also hosts 1100 parking spaces, a 120-seater restaurant, breakout areas and is full air- conditioning.

Dina Mistry, Marketing Manager of Breakspear Park, commented: "I'm very privileged to be part of the team at such an exciting time. The building has a wealth of history and to celebrate we have three days of entertainment with chances to win prizes for all employees here. We have also commissioned a giant birthday cake so we can truly celebrate Breakspear Park's birthday together."

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