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10 October 2019

From being homeless to running a multi-million pound business

We all have our perceptions of those who work within the construction industry, and the stereotype that builders are unreliable and overpriced seems to be the most popular. This led me to begin my journey to transform the world of construction, injecting it with fairness and transparency. But it wasn’t an easy start.


Originally from Portugal, I moved to London back in 1989 at the age of 4 with my parents. Being the only child also meant that I stuck around with my parents for quite some time too. My parents struggled for a long time, and we were homeless for a long time also, and so being conscious of not having any money made me very conscious about having it. I guess the reason why I started business was to actually provide and make sure that I never had to go back to what I experienced with my family in my early years. Additionally, I wanted to give my parents an early retirement because they spent a lot of time working harder and harder just to prevent us falling back into homelessness again. They would work from 6 in the morning to 8 at night, and so during my school days, they were never around. 

8 years ago I was chasing financial freedom, the one thing I thought was going to change my life and make me happy. This almost caused me to go into bankruptcy but then there was a turn of events, and luckily we managed to turn it all around. However, the experience of chasing that one thing leading me to where I am today so I wouldn't go back and change it.

In my late twenties I decided to put all that aside and focus on me; investing in myself doing what I was doing for me. I've released a book based on that experience called The Entrepreneur Paradox, which talks about the three pillars of wealth and how to achieve balance in all areas of our lives to achieve wealth and not just financially, but emotionally too. 


When everything hit the fan and I was a month away from bankruptcy, I realised I was guilty of chasing and chasing after one thing and disregarding what was necessary. The advice I think I would give to younger self would be to look after number one and don't chase after anything that's outside of you. Because everything you need and want is already there, you just need to understand how to vibrate from the chasing. I think I just lost a little bit of me; I guess, seeking something that wasn't even worth what I already had in front of me.


My success has never been about the money. It's always been about creating a more significant impact that benefits more than just ourselves. In the construction industry, there are a lot of sole traders that are suffering because they don't have the opportunity to work with big clients. To work with big clients you need to be already spending thousands of pounds, as well as the insurance needed to get on the panel to work with more prominent companies; not a lot of people get that opportunity. My business Trio was created to provide opportunities for smaller contractors within the construction industry to gain access to these bigger contracts; it's all about benefiting others around us and the world. We also don't work with everyone, we are selective in that area. A potential client is going to have to have the same ethos as us, to respect what we're doing and why we are doing it. Cashflow is a major issue within the construction industry and small traders are suffering.  That’s another reason why we are very selective about who we work for; it's not just about what we can do for them, but what they can do for us.


For more information about Trio visit:https://www.trio-thedifference.com

The Entrepreneur Paradox is also available for purchase on amazon. 


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