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11 November 2019

Management Changes At Lumina Technologies

Hemel Hempstead-based Lumina Technologies has restructured its senior management team to reflect the success of the company and its plans for future growth.

Founder Richard McBarnet will lead the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), with the operational side headed up by Richard Cooksey, who has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Focusing on better business

Richard McBarnet believes the changes in the leadership team will enable him to take the company growth to the next level. "My role moving forward is primarily visionary, so I will be stepping away from the operational side of things in order to conceptualise the company's future in terms of business development, relationship management, consultancy and higher-level strategic management. I'm now splitting my time between driving and energising the vision, ongoing consultancy, and being an ambassador for the business. Richard Cooksey's role as COO will be to translate that vision into executable strategies. Each member of the leadership team will be responsible for their own operational units and for the operational plans within them."

Responsible business practice

It is hugely important to Richard McBarnet that business growth does not happen at the expense of people or the planet. "Lumina has always considered CSR as a core part of its values, but we will now be adopting the principles of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria which recognises a wider remit in the form of the three 'Ps' - People, Planet, Profits. By driving the business forward on ESG principles, we are positioning ourselves as part of the increasing momentum towards placing family and the environment at the heart of company values. We recognise that we have responsibilities towards people and the planet first, before profits, which in turn informs our ethical standards and clearly positions our brand values."

With his focus on ethics and growth, Richard believes he has found the right person in Richard Cooksey to help take the business forward. "I'm delighted to have Richard alongside me and believe we make a formidable team. With the two of us laying the foundations for the next five years, the company will be stronger and more able to grow and will also be able to continue delivering on our core values."

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