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Lenders could find it much harder to enforce cross border debts in the event of a no deal Brexit, RSM has warned.

Currently, European regulations facilitate the collection of cross border debts within the EU, notably through the use of European Enforcement Orders. These allow a judgment in one member state to be enforced in another without the need for separate recognition by that member state's courts.

Landlords in Hertsmere are being reminded they may need to apply for a licence for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Since October 1, private sector landlords who rent out properties or flats of any size occupied by five or more people in more than one household have had to apply for an HMO licence.

From 1 April most VAT registered businesses with turnover above £85,000 will have to file VAT returns through new Making Tax Digital software, yet research conducted by Kreston Reeves suggests that not only are business unprepared many have not heard of the Making Tax Digital programme.

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